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1 October 2020

Rottnest Express is thrilled to be back on the water and taking you to and from Western Australia’s island paradise, Rottnest Island.

As part of Australian tourism portfolio, Journey Beyond, Rottnest Express has now implemented JourneySafe – a plan to keep all guests and crew safe in a post-COVID world.

We understand COVID-19 still poses a small risk, and our commitment to our guests and crew is to provide a safe and responsible environment at all times.

The rules stipulate as a transport operator the person limit and the square meter rule do not apply on transport vehicles, vessels and aircraft, however we may operate ‘reduced capacities’ for the comfort of our guests.

Wherever you see the below JourneySafe tick, you’ll know we’re taking extra precautions to do just that.

The JourneySafe Experience Plan is your assurance of:

FRESH AND CLEAN | Exceptional Hygiene

Uncompromising cleaning and hygiene – additional cleaning, sanitising and hygiene practices in all areas with particular emphasis on high touch points and hard surfaces.

Our trains, vessels, planes, coaches and vehicles and spaces are fully equipped with all that you will need.

Our air-conditioning systems will be subject to thorough checks and increased routine cleaning to ensure the freshest air circulation supplemented with fresh air options.

FIT FOR TRAVEL | Be Well, Journey Well

For some experiences and journeys, guests will be asked to complete pre-travel ‘fit for travel’ screening and/or temperature checking where necessary.

Immediate and discrete response to any event where a guest or staff member becomes unwell.

This will give you, and all fellow guests travelling, an added level of assurance.

READY TO ROLL | Training and Expertise

All staff have undertaken mandatory JourneySafe training and will be expert in our safety protocols whilst maintaining exemplary service.

We have sighted and verified the COVID safe operating plans for all our partners.

We have dedicated teams who will continue to train our staff, as well as vigorously monitor and manage our JourneySafe protocols.

SAFE SPACE | Physical Distancing

Physical distancing measures will be in place wherever practicable. JourneySafe ensures that we are applying physical distancing, considering both close and casual contact, for the recommended periods of time.

Where we cannot, the highest levels of cleaning and hygiene will be applied.

Optional activities and experiences will be amended to ensure appropriate space, cleanliness and hygiene whilst ensuring guests will still have a unique Journey Beyond experience.

YOUR WAY | Flexibility to Suit You

Choice should always be at the heart of great guest experiences. To ensure our guests can enjoy travel with confidence during these challenging times, we are committed to offering even more flexibility in how you choose to travel with us.

For our journeys that offer optional experiences, guests can choose to do as little or as much as they like and our staff will work closely with guests to ensure their experience is tailored to their needs.

To find out more about JourneySafe and service recommencement dates, please visit

What’s Open on Rotto?

We recommend planning your trip ahead, please refer to this page for what is available and check back regularly for updates.

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