Top 8 Rotto Must-do’s

Rottnest Island is the home away from home for many Perth-dwellers but this doesn’t mean that our beautiful island paradise doesn’t have plenty more to offer for family vacations. Here’s just 8 of our top selects that you should add to your Rotto bucket list.

1. Quokka Spotting

How could we list the of highlights of Rottnest Island and not include our happy little friends as number one?! Whether you’re looking to grab an iconic Quokka selfie or are just interested in watching these cute little marsupials go about their daily life, we know all the best spots.

As Quokkas are nocturnal animals, they mainly spend their days napping and avoiding the sun, so if you’re hoping catch one out and about the early morning and evening are best. Baby Quokkas can be seen venturing out of the pouch in January through till March and are always an adorable addition to any visit to the island. For a casual encounter, explore the main settlement to catch them up and about, sociable and picture perfect.


2. Bathurst Lighthouse

Whilst its counterpart, Wadjemup Lighthouse is under reconstruction, the Bathurst Lighthouse can take centre stage. Located on the Northern edge of the island, it can be spotted on your ferry ride into Thompson’s Bay.

The lighthouse was built in 1900, to prevent further shipwrecks, and completes the third leg of the navigational triangle between Rottnest Island and Fremantle Port. With 360° views over the island, you can spot many of the key destinations on this list. Prepare yourself for one of the most breathtaking views of island and main settlement or venture up here at sunset for a stunning view over Pinky Beach.


3. Pinky’s Beach Club for sunset

Speaking of sunset at Pinky Beach, a sundowner cocktail at Pinky’s Beach Club is an absolute must not miss! Picture yourself relaxing beachside with an ice-cold beverage in hand whilst feasting on an array of pub style eats.

This hidden gem offers a secluded dining experience that escapes the hustle and bustle of the main settlement and can be found tucked away behind the Discovery Park accommodation. The extra 10-minute walk from the main settlement is worth it for the stunning pink and orange hues that Pinky Beach is famous for.

4. Mini Golf with the family

If you’re looking for an afternoon of family fun out on the green, why not try your hand at a round of mini golf at the Family Fun Park! Available for affordable prices, mini golf is the perfect way to entertain the kids and tire them out for the day.

Finish the day with an ice cream to celebrate your hole-in-one and check out the Rottnest Island movies for a wind down in the evening.

5. Eco Express Boat Tour

Live life on the wild side by hopping onto one of our Adventure Rottnest Boat Tours or Thrill Boat rides, where you will be swept away at high speeds to circumnavigate the island. Departing daily, morning and afternoon, from Rottnest Jetty just steps away from your ferry arrival location.

Spot some of the island’s resident flora and fauna from the boat, keeping your eyes peeled for Sea Lions, Fur Seals and Dolphins. Hear from our expert on-board commentator to learn interesting and unique facts about Rottnest Island and its surrounds.

Can you brave the speed? Let’s find out, click here to book.

Red jetboat

6. Wadjemup Bidi walking trails

These trails traverse the unique Rottnest Island landscape from the coastal plains to the inland lakes and wetlands and allow you to see the best of the natural and cultural landscape of the island. There are a number of different trails depending on the desired length and scenery and are all suited to any experience level.

Did you know that ‘Wadjemup’ is the traditional name for Rottnest Island and ‘Bidi’ means track in Noongar, hence Wadjemup Bidi.

7. Secluded fishing spots

If catching a winner is more your kind of style, there are plenty of secluded fishing spots on the island where you can catch the night’s dinner. The island is home to an abundance of catchable marine life from Herring to Whiting and allows for recreational fishing in selected locations.

All recreational fishing must adhere to regulations and all marine reserves are classified as restricted areas.

8. Underwater Playgrounds

Fancy seeing what’s hidden under the water? Explore Rottnest Island’s underwater playgrounds in style by snorkeling or diving through some of the most stunning spots Australia has to offer. Bring your own snorkeling gear or hire snorkels and flippers and choose your destination, our underwater oasis awaits.

Popular spots include The Basin, Parakeet Bay and Little Salmon Bay and are perfect for young kids to hop in the water and wave hello to some friendly fishies.

Our island paradise has so much to offer families, adrenaline junkies and travel enthusiasts, and the list of fun ways to spend a day there is never ending. Rottnest Island is calling your name! To book your ferry tickets, day packages and more contact us today.

Couple snorkelling


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